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The L.H.B.  Philosophy

My Teaching Style 

Age For Players

Over the years, I have taught a variety of age groups starting with as young as 3 years old all the way to teenagers, and adults as well. However, it is truly never too late to pick up an instrument and start lessons at any age.

Lesson Policies



  • My teaching rates are $25 per 30 minute lesson, $37 per 45 minute lesson, and $50 per hour lesson.

  • For students who participate in group lessons, there is an additional $13.00 per month for the group lesson.

  • I collect the money for the whole month during the first week of each month. Please count the number of your lesson days in each month--sometimes there are four lessons and sometimes there are five lessons (sometimes less if it is a month with a scheduled break).

  • If you forget the money at your first lesson of the month, or if you do not come to your first lesson of the month, please mail me a check right away at 5730 Kentford Circle, Wichita, 67220. It is important that I receive your monthly payments on time so that I can pay my monthly bills on time.

  • If I do not receive your payment by the end of the first week that I teach of each month, I will have to add an additional $15.00 late fee per student to your payment. This late fee will be enforced; we all have payments to make on time.

  • If you have to miss a lesson for any reason, please let me know in advance (at least 24 hours ahead of time unless there is an emergency illness), and we will try to schedule a make-up lesson.

  • Every effort will be made to arrange a make-up lesson, you will have to make some of your own phone calls to switch lessons with someone (especially during symphony weeks)- which you should be able to do easily through the member's login page (click button below for more info).

  • If a make-up lesson cannot be arranged, you must forfeit the fee for that lesson. No refunds will be given.

  • Each year I hold one required recital where students must perform musical selections by memory in December. I realize that with so many students it is difficult to pick a day that is convenient to everyone, but I will let everyone know at least six weeks ahead of time when the recitals will be and there will always be a choice of two recitals to pick from.

  • If you let me know at that time that it is absolutely impossible for you to be at the recital, I will excuse you. Otherwise, I expect everyone to be there.

  • Recitals give everyone a goal to work towards. It is a great experience to play for other people and to hear other people play.

  • It is also recommended that students perform for Solo Festivals in the spring.

  • During the summer, I expect everyone to continue their lessons while they (and I) are in town.

  • My policy is slightly different for June, July, and August only. If you will be out of town on a family vacation or at camp any time during these three months, let me know at the beginning of each month and you will not have to pay for lessons those weeksI understand that everyone needs a vacation at times--I take breaks at Thanksgiving, Christmas, a week in the spring, and for a few weeks during the summer.

  • However, I do not believe that consistency of progress can be maintained if you do not play your instrument for the entire summer.

  • Please understand that with so many students, it is not fair for me to make exceptions to the policies stated above. I love working with all of you, and I’m looking forward to many rewarding experiences with everyone. 

  • Please contact me with any questions by clicking the contact button below!

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